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Yes, The World is Going Mobile...

You should, too! Here's some facts to think about.

By 2012 according to eMarketer, 50% of mobile devices will be smartphones. 9 out of 10 smartphone users are already using their devices to find local information and connect with local businesses.

In the last 12 months customers around the world have ordered more than US $1 Billion of products from Amazon using a mobile device. (Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com)

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In 2012,


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The Second Part of Mobile Marketing is a SMS Text Message Service...

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When you need more customers, who spend more, use mobile promotions to raise your game.

Mobile and text promotions lets you speak to your potential customers in a one–on-one manner that’s unmatched by other advertising!

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Make sure that your Website displays properly on a mobile phone.

Prioritize the information that appears on mobile devices. Give the mobile user what they are looking for. Make it easy for them to call you.


Setup With Script

So get your website into a mobile-optimized version for mobile users to see. You can host it on the same server or a different one. You then add a script on your main site which will detect whether the request for your webpages is from a mobile device and if so to serve the mobile optimized version. Otherwise it sends the regular pages to the user.

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